Do you want to relax in the mountains?

Here comes the good time and feel not at home. Among the options presented to us is the sea and the mountains. Both are a good option to leave the daily routine to completely disconnect from work and devote time to ourselves. This helps us not to think, giving us a sense of peace of mind and relaxation.

ir a la montañaIf you do not like sun bothers sand beach, gives you fatigue having to fight with people to make a hole through the crowd to put your umbrella, or are tired of the typical destinations but you love Nature is best to go to the mountain.

Why do you go to the mountain?

Really go to the mountain has many advantages. One is able to breathe clean air that is all lujazo we sometimes forget. Away from the pollution of big cities we will be good for our body. Eat this healthy air is a detox of all the gases that surround us daily.

Go to the mountain often wakes us up a series of sensations from our childhood. What it what it is? On the need to go investigating and discovering the fauna and flora. Whatever we make sports with more or less intensity, we can amuse us in the mountains. Hiking, climbing, horse riding, enjoy the life of a small isolated town of cities or simply being in touch with nature can make you spend a weekend exceptional especially when these activities do in with our friends or family.

ir a la montañaDid you know that walking foralece muscles, joints, and bones, regulates the functioning of the heart, lowers cholesterol and glucose content in the blood, and is great to be able to sleep well and not have so much stress? Well what better way to do it on the mountain, where this activity becomes more pleasant and bearable for those who do not like sports.

In addition there are many psychologists who think going to the mountain also favors our mental health as it makes us more relaxed and not thinking about the problems of everyday life. Keep in mind that sometimes it is good to let the mind go blank and devote ourselves to enjoy life.

Renting a house is a good choice whether you want to spend time with friends and if you have kids want to get away to more familiar week. The kids really enjoy the countryside and all activities that gives play to make.

And you? Do you already have you thought about where you want to go?

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