Where is the region of Ripollés? In the Catalan Pyrenees Oriental right in the province of Girona. It consists of 19 villages with great cultural and natural heritage.

ripollIt is a populated Pyrenean region of high mountain ranges such as the axial Pyrenees, north Montgrony saws and Cavallera, further south, and the basic of Tubau and saws Matamala or Milany.

We know that comes as one of the places in Spain where more jewels of Romanesque art, which is certainly very curious to see preserved especially for those who are passionate about history.

One of the most important landmark is the Santa Maria de Ripoll founded in 880 by Count Wilfred the Hairy and managed to be a very important cultural center in the Middle Ages in Catalonia. In its construction we see two major stages: the Romanesque and one that is ahead of the Gothic. All this monasterio las abadessesmonument itself is wonderful, but if we had to highlight something we are left with the entrance to the basilica. Without a doubt will leave you amazed.

We must mention the Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses the year 1150. It is very peculiar because it is composed by three different artistic styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. Nearby we found Church of Sant Joan and Sant Pol also in the Abadesses. It is a Church of the XII century. It’s a real beauty, the problem is that is a bit run because the stone is of poor quality and over time has deteriorated considerably.

Also interesting in this area visit the Ecomuseu Petit Moli, which is the flour mill Monastery of Sant Joan de les iglesia geronaAbadesses. Here supported models you can see how funncionaba formerly, what life was there, anecdotes, legends, and the work had to be done in the field for cereals.

On the other hand we find the Church of Sant Cristòfol Beget is an amazing temple which has been declared a National Monument. The bell tower has four floors where there are amazing views.

Also if you love nature and adventure you’re a whole can soak a little history and combine your holiday with many other activities that make your trip most enjoyable.

Worth getting lost in the Ripollès, are you like you going to lose?

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