Emmona courses in Catalunya 2016

A year becomes one of the most famous races in Catalonia. For lovers of sport, running and nature, you can do one of the toughest races, Emmona Trail.
You can choose between 3 tests offered by the event:

  • Marathon: It will climb 10 peaks over 2,000 meters with a distance of 40km, 3.465m of positive difference and 5.914m of accumulated difference . The race will last 18 hours.
  • Trail: It will climb 13 peaks over 2,000 meters with a distance of 72km , 6.133m of positive difference and 11.097m of cumulative altitude. The race has a lasts 18 hours .
  • Ultra Trail: It will climb 14 peaks over 2,000 meters with a distance of 130km , 10.194m of positive difference and 20.388m of cumulative altitude. The test will last 36 hours.

For whosoever shall ye point and some of the races Trail, take advantage now because there is only space for 800 participants and already carry around 400 entries. They are ideal for those testing experts at making this type of racing in the mountains but also for all those who want to overcome and to test the physical and mental state.

Video Emmona 2015

If you do not know Emmona racing, look at this video where they talk participants last year.

Are you ready to overcome yourself?

Come prepared for any of our cottages

If your intention is to make the race and not have housing, you can now make your reservation for any of our cottages, the Serradal either or any of the 3 houses Mas Guanter. Also, you can bring your whole family or come with friends and you may encourage both the departure and the arrival of the race. In this way, you can prepare and recharge for racing Emmona.

Make your booking now!

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